September 2013 Webinar – Pronunciation

Broadcast and recorded on September 28, 2013 at 10:00 am CDT, these two 1-hour presentations on Pronunciation were our first experience with the BigBlueButton (BBB) platform. While BBB is a wonderful tool, it took us a while to work out a few of the kinks. You’ll notice the audio causes some problem, especially in Session 1 – nevertheless, the content is fantastic.

Session 1: What you Need to Know About Accent Modification

Session 1 is a 52 minute long presentation answering queries on the topic of Accent Modification. Most accented speakers want to sound “more English” mainly to gain employment or advance their careers, but don’t know where to begin. They want to become confident in their speech. Accent Modification, as presented by Luella Jonk, will allow them to do so. Presented by Luella Jonk.