October 2013 Webinar – CALL and Technology

Our webinar from October 19, 2013 at 10:00 am CDT featured two fantastic speakers on the benefits of various digital tools for language learning purposes. These back-to-back 1-hour sessions are full of practical, easy to use, and minimal cost (usually none) ideas to enhance your EAL/ESL classroom. Not only will the ideas in these presentation help your teaching practice, but they will also help prepare your students for they world as it is today and in the future.

Session 1: Theory-based practical uses of technology in the language classroom

Session 1 is a 58 minute long presentation featuring nearly a dozen descriptions of easy-to-use digital tools that usually require no sign-up. Presenter Nathan Hall narrates demonstration videos and explains how he uses these tools in the classroom. Pick and choose one or two of the ideas to try out and build on.