Joining Events with BigBlueButton

Joining an event with BigBlueButton is easy—just click the “Join the Webinar” button and you will be taken to the online meeting room. If you are logged in to, your display name will be your name in the meeting.

To change your display name prior to the webinar, log in, go to the Volunteer Hub, scroll to Volunteer Training and click “Edit profile” beneath your photo.

Watch the video below for an overview of your options, or test it out in the BigBlueButton demo.

BigBlueButton Demo

For Mobile Devices

BigBlueButton uses flash, and if you want to use a tablet or phone to join, please open using Puffin Browser. It is a free browser app for iPad, iPhone or Android that will allow you to run flash. For best results use the virtual trackpad to imitate mouse movements and access features that use small buttons. Just click the menu button in the browser bar, and turn on “Mouse”.

Video Overview


Unable to access button

If today is the correct date for the event, but you are unable to access the “Join the Webinar” button, you can use the button below.


Issues within the meeting

Check that your system meets the following requirements:

  • Bandwidth: you should have at least 1Mbits/second download speed. Check bandwidth using
  • Browsers: Google Chrome (Flash is built-in) or Mozilla FireFox are recommended for desktop. Internet Explorer and Safari will also work. You need to be running Flash 11.2 (or above). For mobile devices, please use Puffin Browser. Check your version of Flash here.
  • Audio: A wired in headset is recommended, but attendees can join with a built-in webcam and microphone. How to set up audio in BigBlueButton tutorial.
  • For any in-meeting issues, you could try accessing the meeting in a different web browser. In whatever browser you choose you will have to allow Flash to run.

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