Job Description: e-Mentor

Does this describe you?

  • You love your job!
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience with others
  • You want to make a real difference in somebody’s life

Yes? Then join our team of Volunteer e-Mentors!

One of the major barriers to newcomers accessing employment is their lack of networking opportunities within their field. Volunteers, Canadian professionals and trades, are matched with newcomers from the same professional background to help them learn more about their field in Manitoba and grow their social and professional networks.

As a Volunteer Career e-Mentor, you will:

  • have 10 one-on-one online sessions with a newcomer via Skype
  • discuss your professional field in Canada and answer your mentee’s questions about the field
  • help your mentee develop an action plan to reach his/her employment goals

Possible mentoring topics:

  • Your career story
  • Your typical workday: duties, procedures, water cooler talks, etc.
  • Professional organizations, associations, professional networking
  • Professional development opportunities: conferences, events
  • Workplace cultural issues: team play, diversity, soft skills, etc.
  • Qualifications (if any): licences, certificates


  • A minimum of 2 years of professional, business or trades experience in Manitoba (categories 0, A and B according to the National Occupational Classification (
  • Good communication skills
  • Experience working with adult newcomers and immigrant community will be considered an asset
  • Demonstrated ability with regards to the computer skills and Internet is extremely beneficial
  • Ability to be a team player, initiate and maintain relationships as you work with a variety of people
  • A police record check is mandatory

What to Expect

Volunteer e-Mentor Training

English Online will provide comprehensive orientation and training necessary to fulfill the volunteer duties. Training will consist of two parts:

  1. Self-paced/asynchronous : Successful candidates receive a passwords for Volunteer Hub page on English Online website ( accompanied by instructions on how to proceed. They explore training materials and reflect on their learning in the Volunteer Journal.
  2. Synchronous: Volunteers participate in  an orientation webinar about English Online services and WEB 2.0 tools for mentoring. During the training sessions volunteers  have time to discuss what they have learned and ask their questions.

With this training English Online aims to provide volunteers with the opportunity to exercise their qualities of self-directed learners to better understand English Online model and clients’ needs and develop online mentoring skills.

Volunteer e-Mentor – Client Match

Volunteers are asked to complete an online Match Survey.  The Match Survey helps English Online perform appropriate e-Mentor-Mentee matches, both from needs and skills perspective and time commitment.

We sign volunteer hours confirmation letters (10+ hours of volunteering, upon request) and issue volunteer recognition certificates (30+ hours of volunteering, at the end of the fiscal year) to our e-Volunteers!

Join Us!

Become an e-Volunteer: improve your digital skills and learn new perspectives… from the comfort of your own home!

Please forward your cover letter and resume to:
Pam Elalfy
e-Volunteer Coordinator

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