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Realize Forum will not be conducted in 2016. Currently you can still get involved with English Online by volunteering for our e-Mentor, e-Tutor, or Settlement e-Volunteer programs.

The following content does not apply to 2016.


A call-for-proposals is usually posted in July and remain open until the end of October.

There are numerous benefits of presenting at REALIZE! Forum. First of all, it is convenient. ESL practitioners will present from the comfort of their workplace or home. There are no travel arrangements to make, no fees to pay. Secondly, it is a great opportunity to raise your professional profile within the national ESL community and expand your resume. You will be able to share your knowledge with a broader audience and make new meaningful connections. Last but not least, you will gain valuable public speaking skills in an online format.

Full technological support and guidance will be provided by English Online.

Presenter Manual


REALIZE! Volunteer Moderators play a very important role in supporting forum presenters and participants and making this National Forum a success. All REALIZE! forum moderators will receive Moderator’s Badge.

REALIZE! Forum Moderators:

  • Attend orientation and training session for moderators
  • Connect with presenters before the session to discuss session flow
  • Introduce presenters to the audience
  • Keep the presenter on time
  • Ask for questions from the audience
  • Voice the questions from the audience
  • Wrap up the session

Moderator Manual

Advisory Committee

The National Advisory Committee was created by English Online Inc. in May 2013 to provide assistance in planning, organizing and delivering REALIZE! Events for EAL/ESL Practitioners in Canada.

For more information about the project and Advisory Committee membership and commitment, please review Terms of Reference document.

The National Forum Advisory Committee functions in an advisory capacity to support the organization of REALIZE! Forum, The National Forum for EAL/ESL Practitioners, and provides online moderation to ensure that the National Forum event is planned and conducted successfully.

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