Career e-Mentors

PVolunteers from a range of professions are matched with internationally trained immigrant professionals from equivalent or related professions to assist in their search for suitable employment. This program helps newcomers establish meaningful social connections and grow their social and professional networks, develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to overcome the difficulties that may prevent them from finding a suitable job.

First e-Mentor match – Mary and Mila – read their story on

Time: 1 or 2 hours a week
Total time with an e-Mentor: 10 hours
How long: 5-10 weeks
Place: Skype/phone/email

Newcomers will:

  1. discuss what they want to learn about
  2. set goals for their sessions and work towards them
  3. discuss and agree on session schedule
  4. come to a first session with a prepared resume
  5. actively participate in the sessions
  6. complete their Learning Journal after each session
  7. receive a certificate of the program completion

Volunteer e-Mentors will:

  1. prepare materials for each session according to their menteeā€™s needs
  2. share their knowledge of Canadian workplace culture
  3. answer mentees’ questions about their field in Manitoba
  4. share links to useful resources and/or tools
  5. give recommendations on further steps
  6. make the online sessions productive and fun!

You can find a full Career e-Mentors Job Description here, or for more details contact:

Pam Elalfy
e-Volunteer Coordinator

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Welcome a newcomer to Manitoba
  • Meet a diverse range of people
  • Share your knowledge of Canadian culture
  • Develop your communication skills and abilities
  • Gain new experience
  • Boost your career options
  • Volunteer online from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule

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