TWT Webinar: Developing and Delivering a Successful Webinar

Live Webinar

This webinar was previously run on June 1, 2018 , 7 p.m. CDT

What a great topic we were discussing last week! We were greatly inspired by our Volunteer team at the last Coffee Chat and knowing your interest in this topic we’ve put all our knowledge together to present it to you.

This session was co-presented together with Mary Moore, our e-Tutor Volunteer. You can find Mary’s bio by following this link. We talked about how to prepare, develop and deliver a great webinar for your professional purposes. We mentioned how to promote it, evaluate the results, what mistakes to avoid and many more useful tips. Please have a look at our slides below. We will post the recording in the nearest future and you will learn how to provide technical support to your participants, how to use graphics for your slides and more. Hope to see all of you again!

Webinar Presentation