Teachers of EAL to Adults in Manitoba (TEAM) and English Online present: An Introduction to PBLA

Live Webinar

This webinar was previously run on March 25, 2017 , 10 a.m. CDT

Unfortunately, the recording of this webinar is currently unavailable. Please explore the webinar slides and supplementing materials kindly provided by the presenter.

About this session:

This webinar presented an introduction to Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA), as described in the PBLA Guide for Teachers and Programs.

Webinar Presentation
Handout 3.1 Sample Portfolio About Me_2015.pd
Handout 6.2 Levels of Comprehension and Question types_2015.pd
Handout 7.2 Skill-Using Activities vs Assessment Tasks_2015.pd
Handout 7.3 Portfolio Expectations_2015.pd
Leahy et al (2005)no footerClassroom Assessment.pd

About the presenter:

a women wearing a blue shirt smiling i=Rebecca Hiebert has been involved with ESL since 2000. She has previously worked as a teacher, curriculum developer, and a provincial government funder. She is currently working as a Program Implementation Coordinator for Red River College and as a Regional Coach for PBLA Lead teachers across Canada.

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