TWT Webinar: Online Presentation Tools for Teaching and Learning

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Numerous presentation tools are available online. They allow you to upload your PowerPoint presentations, Prezi , Google Documents, files, pictures, photo albums and then record yourself  using your webcam. You can even create your podcasts and then embed your recordings on your site or blog. Then anyone can access it on the internet and watch and listen to you presenting. Great for students, mentees and language teachers  to make presentations and practice different language skills. And very easy!

Here are some of the tools you can use with your learners: (

MyBrainShark (

Haiku Deck ( is used by educators for different needs to practice a variety of skills. Have a look at this wonderful video and get ideas for your classroom.

Follow this link to watch Video Tutorials: (To watch the tutorials you need to create an account first.)

With MyBrainShark you can even make quizzes and add charts and diagrams to your presentation. You can add tags to your work, so that other educators can find your presentation on the site easier. And you can record your Podcasts.

Have a look at how a podcast on MyBrainShark can be combined with the slides: Click here

With Haiku Deck you can search for Creative Commons-licensed images and add your story to these beautiful slides.

For more information on Haiku Deck, please visit the following link: a getting started guide

Enjoy a variety of Online Presentation Tools! Thank you and see you online!