Badges as recognition of online learning for REALIZE! 2015

At REALIZE! 2015, we will be issuing badges to participants as recognition of their participation in the Forum.

What is a badge?

A badge is a digital evidence of achievements, skills, affiliations or roles. It is increasingly used in online environments to recognize online learning. With the technology present in our everyday lives, it influences our professional image as well.  When we gain our professional knowledge, collaborate and practice our skills online, it is important to have our profile or portfolio updated as digital representation of our achievements.

REALIZE badge could be the first one to start your online “recognition wall”, or be a valuable addition to it.

This year, REALIZE team including Advisory Committee agreed to differentiate between Presenter’s, Moderator’s, Participant’s and Contributor’s roles.


Presenter’s Badge

Description: Badge earner has participated as a presenter at the Realize Forum

Criteria: Attended webinar training/preparation session, presented online, contributed to the resource page and discussion thread

Evidence: <link to session recording>


Moderator’s Badge

Description: Badge earner has moderated a presentation at the Realize Forum

Criteria: Attended/watched recording of moderator training session and moderated session

Evidence: <link to session recording>


Participant’s Badge

Description: Badge earner has registered and attended the Realize Forum

Criteria: Registered and attended at least one session

Evidence: <link to sessions archive>


Contributor’s Badge

Description: Badge earner has participated as a contributor at the Realize Forum

Criteria: Registered and attended at least one forum session, and completed two or more acts of engagement, such as but not limited to: post in the REALIZE Group discussion forum, wrote a blog post on the experience, and tweeted about the experience (minimum of 5 tweets to hashtag #realize15)

Evidence: <link to session recording>, <link to #realize15>, <link to blog>, <link to REALIZE discussion/post>

Learn, share, collaborate and contribute and be recognized for your achievements! On the day of the Forum start, a certificate/badge submission form will be opened. Participants will be able to fill it out and provide links to evidence of activity completion(s).

Badges can be then placed on professional networks, or social media profiles, websites, blogs. forums, etc.

Enjoy the Forum!