TWT webinar: e-Portfolios For Your Life And Your Career

Webinar Presentation

A career electronic portfolio, e-portfolio, digital portfolio, or online portfolio serves the purpose of collecting digital evidence of your professional accomplishments and achievements. People create career ePortfolios for many reasons, e.g. to demonstrate currency in their field, to collect workplace evidence for performance evaluation, to showcase their range of skills or abilities to perspective employers and sometimes even for career planning and career decision making.

If you work with newcomers or if you have recent immigrants as a part of your professional or personal networks you know how hard it is for internationally trained professionals to get a foot in the door without any Canadian credentials and Canadian work experience.

How to demonstrate to potential employers you are not your 2-page resume, how to show the world you are so much more? ePortfolio filled with your work samples, proof of your training and education, your professional development records including your digital badges and the evidence of your professional online presence might be an answer. The fact that the person goes above and beyond a standard resume speaks volumes. It’s an opportunity to showcase your accomplishments and prove your employability even before the interview starts, and for newcomers even before they land in Canada.

A dynamic web-based format of ePortfolio which may include a wide variety of digital components gives you an entirely new platform where you can share your career accomplishments in ways that may not be as practical to do on paper. Digital portfolios can be created using freely available online DIY websites (e.g. or using a dedicated ePortfolio tool (e.g.

Creating an ePortfolio is a time consuming task,it is an immense homework you do in order to stand out from all of the other applicants, impress your perspective employer and shine at the interview.

See you online!

Margarita Berezyanskaya