How To Get Most Out of 60 Minutes, Or Flip Your Session With Open Access Resources

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This is a flipped blog post about a flipped webinar on flipped learning. That’s why I’m not starting it with defining what flipping is and how to introduce it to your learners. Instead, I encourage you to complete a pre-webinar exploration activity for you to prepare for the further discussion / watching the webinar recording. Tip #1. Do not repeat your pre-session material in-class. Re-purpose and recycle it. Otherwise you are sending a message that it’s ok not to do anything.

The link to the pre-webinar task was not published before the webinar in order to demonstrate that it is of essence to negotiate the flipped project with your learners first to set clear expectations and give proper instructions. Tip #2. Start flipping in class to ensure scaffolding.

As you’ve noticed the pre-webinar activity consists of a few links to various online resources. It didn’t take us too much time to curate this collection for you using a Blendspace tool. It would if we had decided to make a video and write an article about flipped learning. Tip #3. Curate open access resources and adapt them to your context.

Although, not everything available out there on the web is free to use. Be careful when using online resources: lesson plans, videos, images, etc., because in most cases they are copyrighted even if you can’t see a © sign anywhere. Tip #4. Learn more about Creative Commons licences and look for CC-licensed works.

Flipped learning does not necessarily require the use of technology. You can flip a face-to-face class (0% online), a blended class (partially online) and an online class (100% online). If you decide to start using technology, incorporate it gradually. Take your time exploring new tools. Tip #5 (flipping blended and online classes). Master one tool at a time and always monitor your learners’ level of comfort with technology when it comes to introducing a new tool.

Flipping your classes with open access resources is a way of tapping into the world of authentic language materials online and in learners’ daily life. Flipping is a way of inviting learners to bringing their learning into the classroom, not just expecting it to happen in the 4 walls of the classroom. Our mission at English Oline is to foster learners’ autonomy in learning. And that’s why we encourage you to flip your classes with anything and everything that’s out there.

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Thank you and see you online!