How to Participate in Conference Activities

Online conferences provide several ways to participate and get involved. Many of these options require some initiative on the part of the conference attendee – so take that step, get involved and try something new.

On January 24th, attend sessions throughout the day. You are free to jump in and out of sessions as you please, and attend the sessions that appeal to you. After you register, instructions on how to join sessions will be emailed to you about a week before the conference date. If you happen to be working that day, note the sessions that appeal to you and try to drop in when you can. Unlike face-to-face conferences, you don’t need to attend the conference as a whole in order to attend – conference participation online can fit into your existing schedule. Of course, the more you do attend, the more you’ll get out of it.

Join our conference group in Tutela. The group will host discussion threads for each individual presentation. Here you can interact with presenters and colleagues interested in similar topics, ask questions before and after the conference date, and share your own experience and resources. Joining and participating in the conference group will provide ample opportunities for Networking with like-minded colleagues from around the country. The Conference group on Tutela will be listed here, when available.

Explore our list of sessions for a preview of what presentations you can attend on the conference day. Previewing the list will help you plan out which sessions you would like to attend, it will also give you an opportunity to read resources beforehand and participate in discussion prior to the live session. The list of session will be posted on our Realize Conference Page.

A Presentation Resource page for each presentation will be created post-conference and hosted on our website. Here you can explore resources and information related to the presentation topic, and you will also be able to watch a recording of the conference session. Navigate our Realize Conference Page for links to the Presentation Resource Pages after the conference is over.

Use Social Media to network and interact. We have a Facebook page, and several of our presenters are active on Twitter. Write a blog post about what you learned. Or, take a photo of your workplace PD day, and post it online. Use whatever Social Media you are comfortable with, and let us know about your own perspective on the conference! See our Tips & Tools Page for some suggestions about using Twitter for the conference.