Summer Rumblings

  • BBB sneak peek
  • NOCAC meeting next week
  • Pressing thoughts
  • Facebook Page

(Post originally written August 9th)

We had a sneak peek at the new BigBlueButton (BBB) design, and it’s great. I think we’ll be able to use BBB for the conference, and I think it will work very well. I don’t think BBB has fully released their new design yet, but it looks very promising. It’ll be good to get this issue of delivery settled and start using it for NOCAC meetings.

We have a NOCAC meeting next week, which we’ll look at early Pre-Conference Survey results. (Take the survey here!) We’ll also look at some of the things we’ve been doing and some of the  ideas we have for spreading the word about the conference. It’s the middle of summer and activity is slow, so I hope people show up for the meeting. Although, for me, it’s not so essential that they do right now – we’re preparing more for the end of summer and the back-to-school wave.


Pressing thoughts involved in this wave are the registration process, which has progressed beyond the details of the previous post, the call for presentations process, and the keynote speakers, which are being considered now and hopefully will be decided on soon.

We also have a new Facebook page:

If you’re a high FB user, this might be the best place to hook-up with us and stay informed. Check it out and click the like
button to get updates whenever they come out.

The Twitter hashtag has also been decided, check the link at #rEALize14.