Open Questions of Registration

  • Registration and Open/Closed Communities 
  • Registration and Closed Walls
  • Several Questions we are Considering.

(originally written July 10th)

Registration has been a mucky issue the past few weeks. It’s a matter of deciding about access.

I wanted to detail a bit about the registration discussions we’ve been having over the past few weeks, and I think in doing so it will also highlight some of the open community/closed community issues that we have to consider.


Our initial idea about registration was to set it up within Tutela, as most people attending the conference would be registered here already.  However, being a closed community, we would also need to set up a separate way to register on the outside of Tutela.

For this, and a few other reasons, we decided that it would be best to host registration all in one place, on the English Online website.

Now, what we are currently deliberating is if registered people will have access to anything that non-registered people do not. This decision about access matters because the ‘behind the scenes’ construction of the English Online website will be more complex if we decide that registered people have access to something that non-registered people don’t. However, this isn’t that big of deal.

This decision about access also matters in our concept of ‘openness’. We want to reach everyone and limit the barriers surrounding the conference – Does putting information behind closed doors corrupt our openness? I’m not sure.

Even if registration for the conference is simple (it will also be free) will this extra step restrict openness? Will this extra step discourage people from signing up and/or attending? I’m not sure

If we registration essential for attending we might rick having less people attend. If we make registration merely a cosmetic things (for our measurement, and for people to receive reminders) what is the demerit to doing this?

There are also functional issues with BigBlueButton (BBB – the media we are considering for the sessions) that we don’t know about yet because they will be releasing a new version in the fall. We can either have the schedule hosted on our webpage or on BBB’s. Why this matters to us, mainly, is in how we spread links to sessions for walk-up attendees – will the presence of a registration process restrict this?

As you can see, it’s more questions than answers right now.