Forming a Conference Vision


  • Prezi is useful for assessing gaps in structure
  • Advisory Committee deadline extended
  • Cyclical process for refining conference vision 

(note – post originally written June 18th)

I created a Prezi today to give us a working version of how we see the conference playing out. It’s great to have mainly because it clarifies what information we need and which questions we need to ask people at Tutela, our designer, Briar, for example. As it expands and becomes more detailed, I also imagine it’ll be useful in communicating our conference vision, as well, once I get better at using it. Prezi is an amazing tool that I wish I had known about 4 or 5 years ago.

Quickly, this past Monday was the deadline for our Advisory Committee applications. We received some requests to extend the deadline, so we gladly moved it back until Wednesday. It looks like we’ll have nice selection of applications.

We also continued our discussion about work-flow. It’s been an ongoing discussion, and I think a very fruitful process of talking, reflecting, talking, reflecting…resulting in a more refined and meshed vision of what we want our conference to look like. The unorganized mess of ideas and discussion is essential for our conference to emerge – all of us seem very comfortable with this, as well. It’s great to create something in this environment with people who are comfortable and challenging to work with.