Topical and Geographical Balance


  • Short presentation on the conference (Link here – it starts at around 1:09:00)
  • Discussing Registration, Live Stream, Privacy and Design.
  • Advisory Committee applications are still coming in
  • Discussing Twitter for the conference

(note: post originally written on June 15th)

Today we’re hosting a webinar on Cultural Factors that Impact Listening Skills. It’s a great topic because it comes from the learner’s perspective, a perspective all too often lost in the world of PD. After the webinar, we will be giving a short presentation that will detail some of the major conference planning events that we foresee as significant.

In addition to preparing the presentation this week, Briar, Natalia and I met to discuss registration and leveraging Tutela, and also our live stream options for the conference. We met with our website consultant, and he brought many work-flow concerns to light, along with considerations around privacy and design.

Briar, Natalia, Glen - meeting

We also put up the conference page at English Online, and continued letting people know about the Call for Advisory Committee members. The deadline is on Monday, so we also decided to start thinking about people we can reach out to. Mainly, in reaching out to people, we will have to consider topical and geographical balance.

The topic of social media came up this week. We considered Twitter as our main example, and our office-wide discussion came down to a decision to either create a separate Twitter account for the conference or to use the current English Online twitter account.

A decision like this could only be considered in the context of EO as a whole – how do we want to use the twitter account as an organization, and how do we each use our own twitter accounts in connection with our work.

TwitterTwitter is a tool that can and is used in various ways. I know which way we’re leaning, but we haven’t decided completely as of this writing. What would you do?