New Summer Course

Dear Learners,


We are pleased to announce that English Online will be offering a brand new course during this summer, EO_SMOOC13!


Registrations Open Now! Email one of our  eFacilitators to register.


The goal of the course is to create a learning space, where you will be practising English skills, networking with other learners and exploring Manitoban life and culture.


This course will be very special. It will run over 9 weeks from July 1 till August 31. You will have a week to work on your activities and do your exploratory trips into the English language and around Manitoba, and then we will meet for a review live session in  a virtual classroom.


  • You choose your learning goals
  • You decide which activities to do
  • You can follow the course from week 1 to 9, or
  • Choose a week that interests you


Tip: Your best bet is to find a study partner/-s so you can motivate and help one another.


Every week, we will post an update, a new blog entry, about the upcoming week. You will find the updates here


The course learning material will reside on our Wiki


Okey-dokey, let us know if you have any questions, and/or if you want to register.